DeFi Technologies builds and manages assets in the rapidly emerging decentralized financial market, providing institutional and retail investors easy access to previously unseen returns through innovative projects and groundbreaking protocols that are fundamentally reshaping the global financial system.

DEFTF centralized DEFTF Prediction

Led by co-founders Wouter Witvoet and Olivier Roussy Newton, who collectively raised $1.4B in their prior two deals, DeFi Technologies is well positioned to become a key player in the rapidly growing decentralized finance industry. The market size for the industry is measured in the trillions and spans multiple sectors, including insurance, derivatives, credit and lending, asset management, and exchanges. Operating across three core pillars, equity and token investments across the growing landscape of protocols, incubating a portfolio of companies to accelerate innovation in decentralized finance, and actively managing a portfolio of decentralized finance assets.

DEFTF Clients™
  • Acquisition of Valour gives DeFi the infrastructure to launch single purpose ETNs and basket ETNs
    • Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) synthetically track the value of a single decentralized finance protocol or a basket of protocols
    • Launched first ETN – Bitcoin Zero – in December 2020 with AUM of $36M and no marketing

  • Actively operating validation nodes for decentralized finance protocols
    • Public company governance places DeFi in an inherently unique position to fulfill role
    • Initial contract with Paycase to provide a node for their Shyft network
    • DeFi earns a fee for each transaction on network

  • Diversified positions in decentralized finance protocols
    • Portfolio up 180% since January
    • Plan to stake some positins to generate additional yield

  • Provides treasury services for funds and businesses
    • USD on balance sheet can be moved into USDc, USDt and others to get 4%-6%

  • Highly experienced management team and board
    • CEO is founder and Chairman of Secfi, which raised over $600M
    • Co-founder raised over $800M over the past two years and is founder of HIVE Blockchain Technologies (TSX.v: HIVE)